Floor accessories at its best -Multiprotec 1000.

This is why Multiprotec 1000 is the best among floor accessories you can get: From the underlay category of floor accessories Multiprotec 1000 is the best choice for underfloor heating – the lowest heat resistance allows maximum heat transfer. Also thanks to very high level of reflected walking sound reduction Multiprotec 1000 helps to reduce…


3in1 floor profile – what does it mean?

3in1 floor profile: Connects floors at the same level, connects floors at different levels and finishes floor. An unvisible floor connection in widest colour range matching all shades of floors available on the market.  Find out more at or watch more installation movies on YoyTube Arbiton Floor Expert


Skirting board installation in few simple steps!

Arbiton Floor Expert presents LARS skirting board. 100% accurate representation of wooden colors. Perfectly matched accessories. A wide installation channel provides an easy access for a drill or screwdriver and makes installation quicker and easier. Check it out! – LARS installation in few simple steps.  Find out more at or watch more installation movies on…