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Polyurethane minerals revolution!

Polyurethane minerals underlay with intagrated Aquastop vapour barrier and overlap with tape means faster installation. Comfort of use and extreme durability of the flooring is also at high.

Polyurethane minerals underlays (PUM) – the highest standard that ensures the best sound-proofing. Furthermore, very high pressure resistance ensures floor protection and durability. Very low heat resistance makes the underlay an ideal solution for underfloor heating systems. Polyurethane minerals underlays create savings of up to 200 EUR (*) on energy bills within a single heating season in 6 months. Polyurethane and mineral underlays are the best choice in this regard. But in most cases we are looking for an underlay that better soundproofs the room or insulates the floor, as well as reduces noise in the rooms below.

We are constantly pushing forward, developing our products to achieve higher parameters. This year we have totally new product for increased acoustic comfort. Multiprotec Absolute has highest IS from our PUM underlays, reaching 21 dB. It is the best choice when it comes to sound insulation.

Polyurethane minerals

This year we also add a well-known 3in1 solution to our polyuretthane minerals underlays range. Underlay with intagrated Aquastop vapour barier and overlap with tape means faster installation. Also comfort of use and extreme durability of the flooring is a plus.

More information available at www.arbiton.com

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