ARBITON flooring – first impressions after purchase vinyl floors

A while ago we showed you some vinyl floors impressions people had after 2 years of using vinyl flooring. Now we have some “fresh” news from someone who has just acquired a vinyl floor from Arbiton. We want to thank our reader for sharing his opinion. Vinyl floors are important to us and we value your opinions about them.

 ARBITON Mayne OakI’d like to share with you my opinion about the Amaron Wood Design (in Mayne Oak) from Arbiton vinyl floors.

I bought the floor at Bel-Pol in Poznań. The service was generally cool. My wife and I went for an Arbiton floor, although it had not been such an obvious decision. I had been a bit sceptical about buying a Polish product but in the end this proved to be an advantage rather than the opposite. The manufacturer gives you a 20-year guarantee for their floors and they also have a lot of patents, e.g. the Titanium Nano Layer. I was also given advice about the underlay (the Multiprotec LVT Hardlay) and the skirting board (the VIGO 80). So in the end, we got a whole set of Arbiton products.

Before we went shopping, I had read about vinyl flooring quite extensively and knew what vinyl floors impressions owned have. In our home, we have underfloor heating so I had ruled out wooden flooring or laminates as a matter of course. As far as tiles are concerned, I only use them in my bathroom. In the end, then, the choice was quite simple – we wanted the vinyl flooring.

After I searched thousands of online forums and opinions, I learnt how many types of vinyl floors there are on the market.

It was clear for me I knew that I didn’t want a glued-down floor and the reason for that was quite simple. I would have had to make a new screed because even though the one I had was simple, there were some small differences in level – quite crucial when it comes to glued-down panels. When I knew in the end that everything had to “click”, I went about browsing the available offers. I ruled out any elastic products because they didn’t seem very durable. Rather, my choice was a rigid SPC panel and because Arbiton is one of the leaders when it comes to such panels, I had to look no further.

Vinyl panels and opinions on how to lay them

AMARON dimensions
Dimensions and structure of Amaron board

The Amaron collection is quite exceptional because of the exceptional size of the board – 1.5 m long. All colours are natural and warm. The biggest surprise came when the panels proved to be very easy to lay. If you prepare everything beforehand, you will have a new floor in your home in a few hours flat. The only problem is that with a rigid panel and the enormous size of the board, these panels can be really heavy. I recommend laying them with the help of another person. You may not be able to do so working alone.

Opinion on the performance of vinyl flooring

We have had the floor for only three weeks, so I’m not going to comment on its durability, but my first impressions have been extremely positive. I don’t know how it’s done but these panels look like genuine wood. When our friends visited us, they were certain that we had a Barlinek-type floor. The floor is waterproof. We know that for sure because it is regularly tested by our Labrador splashing water all around him and yet nothing happens. There is no discolouration and the edges don’t swell up.

Because I am responsible for maintaining flat surfaces in our home, I also appreciate the fact that – compared to laminates – you can clean this floor quite easily. There are no streaks and all you need is an ordinary mop. That must be the biggest advantage of the Arbiton floors – that you can clean them so easily and that they are waterproof.

Titanium Nano LayerI have also mentioned the Titanium Nano Layer. This is what ultimately convinced me to buy an Arbiton floor. It is a special layer which boosts the panels’ resistance to scratches; by up to 30%, according to the manufacturer. I don’t know how they came up with that figure but thanks to the dog I have mentioned, sand is a regular guest in our home. And still there are no scratches, even though they are quite a common feature when it comes to vinyls in general. This is yet another argument in favour of Arbiton products.

Overall, I strongly recommend them, especially if you want to change something in your home and install the “Wow! Effect”. Looks like we’re going to have to stay indoors more often nowadays, so the timing could not be better. For know our vinyl floors impressions could not been better.

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