Flooring trends that will define 2021

COVID 19 pandemic has changed our life on so many levels- privately in our homes but also in working space. We all had to face challenging working conditions and we had to adapt to remote work. Today our homes have to not only be a soothing place but also function as an office, school or even a gym. It’s a multifunctional space at its core. As we spend more time inside our apartments and we are constantly looking to improve our space. In 2020 we have made 30% more renovations than a year before. Among all finishing work almost 50% was connected with floor changing. That is why we would like to talk you through flooring trends in interiors in 2021. We hope it would help you create up to date space with beauty and multifunctional approach.

AMARON STONEOne space – one floor. First flooring trend – unified floor in whole house.

Few years ago majority of renovators used to use at least two types of flooring. It was combination of laminate flooring or wood in living room or bedroom or ceramic tiles in bathroom, kitchen or summer garden. This distinction was heavily indicated by the performance features of each kind of floor. Both laminate and natural wood floor are not meant to be fitted in a rooms with high humidity. On the other hand ceramic tiles, due to their hardness, are not the most pleasant to touch when installed in living room or bedroom. This became even more important when you consider children playing on the floor. Recently there is another solution for unified space. We are talking about vinyl floors, which from one point are soft and warm to touch but on the other hand are very durable and high impact resistant.

This trend was especially highlighted during pandemic. Home office and home-schooling force us to adjust the space to many new functions. Today it is not only about calming space where you can rest but also your working headquarter. “New reality” require different approach to designing unified spaces. One space one floor trend allows to create a place of serenity. Vinyl floor from Arbiton brand are meant to be fitted in 200 m2 without additional dilatation between rooms. This brings amazing possibilities to create unique and unified area.

Amaron HERRINBONE YANKEESecond point is herringbone and different types of floor fitting

Since last year, the best-selling type of floors in showrooms is herringbone. This floor used to be an elegant accent in European terraced houses and suburban mansions. Today it can be fitted in every space. Since 2018 Milano fairs herringbone is the most appreciated style. Before, this classical solution was reserved only for parquet and wooden floor. Arbiton vinyl click floor from Amaron collection is the first in Poland vinyl collection that is meant to fit in herringbone pattern. Thank to specially designed locking system the creation of a whole collection was possible. Herringbone floor is an amazing way to introduce elegance and luxury to any interior no matter the styling. We hope it would not go out of fashion for at least next decade.

In 2020 herringbone pattern was not only a hit among architects but also among consumers. Arbiton Amaron Herringbone is available in 5 colours since beginning of 2021. Pallet is built with variety of oak shades that would fit both to modern interiors as well as rustical style rooting from English herringbone. The brightest shade that would fit in minimalistic designs is PRESTON OAK, the darkest one being Georgetown Oak- warm and natural shade. It is worth mentioning that Georgetown Oak and Yankee Oak is available in Amaron Wood collection (plank 1511×229 mm) and Amaron Herringbone (plank 592×148 mm). Thanks to that architects have an unique possibility to experiment with different form for this colours. You can fit the floor in herringbone pattern in living room and have traditionally installed planks in the bedroom ( f.e. with a 1/3 shift).

Amaron SuperioreTrends in flooring for 2021– large is a beauty

Producers of the wooden floor, as well as vinyl and ceramic have noticed that consumers tend to choose large sizes of the floor covering when given a choice. On the market you can find planks that exceed 2m in length. The most dynamic increase that is noticed comes from extra-large ceramic tiles. Today it is not a challenge to buy ceramic tiles in big size like 1x3m. These kind of boards are designed to exactly match the natural materials like concrete or marble. New trends that emphasise light, simplified form with open spaces allows those big boards to play major role.

Big-size boards fit on walls or floors harmonize well with raw, natural interiors showing their timeless character. It has to be mentioned that they will also match well with rustical and glamour interiors. With big size XXL boards it’s possible to is possible to achieve unified area with the same surface on wall and floor.

Large format plank on the floor make the space seems bigger and more coherent. Fewer connections on the wall create the impression of high ceiling. Arbiton brand have just introduced new collection of Amaron Superiore – vinyl click flooring planks with 1830 mm in length and 229 mm width. The 5 mm thick and 0,55mm wear layer collection dedicated for the most demanding enthusiasts. This is also Arbiton’s first collection with EIR (embossed in register), which synchronise the design of the wood with wood pattern creating perfectly wooden look with deep mat surface. Superiore is available in four natural shades of oak. They would be perfect solution for unified flooring in whole house.

Fourth – no more cold Scandic floors, it is time for warmer shades.

In 2021 most trends that were observed derived from cold, minimalistic Scandinavian project. There are more and more projects inspired by Danish hygge philosophy that introduce warmer colours and cosier interior. About 3 years ago interiors were dominated by the bright, bleached oak floor- like Alaskan from Arbiton. But now the choice is shifting toward warmer colours like Wellington.

Over 30% of the colour range proposed by many producers are bright oak colours – they undoubtedly lead the charts. Oak is not only a synonym for luxury floor, but also with bright and warm colours is perfect supplement for extravagant accessories. Bright oak on the floor will not dominate the interior but would ideally complement Scandinavian and glamour interior. Natural oak floor also perfectly composes with walls in deep, saturated colours. It would also stand for interesting opposition for 2021 colours of the year which are grey combined with lemon yellow.

Titanium Nano LayerIn flooring trends 2021 we could not miss usability – working from home require practicality at its top.

Vinyl panels, in particular vinyl click flooring are recently the most demanded floor covering. It is because this seems to be the most practical floor right now. Especially when you take into consideration second generation of panels with rigid core like HD Mineral Core. Data from MMFA – Multilayer Modular Flooring Association that proves year to year growth of this category. The SPC floor has more than 30% sale of all vinyl floor at the moment with close to 30 million  m2.

It is hard not to be amazed by product that is as closely matched to wooden look as possible, and yet has all the benefits of ceramic tiles. Vinyl rigid floors are also one of the easiest to clean on the market, waterproof and simple for DIY installation. The biggest advantage of mineral core rigid vinyl floor is installation even in areas with direct sunlight. They remain dimensional stable in such conditions. Thanks to that they can be installed on unified floor up to 200 m2 without any additional dilatation. They are also waterproof so can be installed in kitchen and bathrooms without any worries. Low thermal resistance makes them also perfect for underfloor heating installation. Similar to wooden floor vinyl click floors are quiet, warm to touch but also very durable. They would be perfect solution not only for residential use but also for public utility facilities.

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