Vinyl panels in your bathroom? A floor which will amaze you with its usefulness.

Wooden floor in bathrooms gained a lot of popularity during the last few years. Considering that natural timber, even impregnated, would not be the smartest choice for a bathroom the designers search intensively for new solutions. Until recently, tiles resembling wooden boards were quite popular. The better solution though, for a best visual effect, is a vinyl flooring. Without any problems you can put it in a bathroom and it’s totally worth it! Vinyl flooring in bathrooms will amaze you not only because of its beauty, but also – so much practicality.


Bathroom vinyl 1You can put vinyl flooring in every space you need, even in a bathroom.

The most important advantage of a vinyl floor is its versatility. Kitchens, bathrooms, nurseries… Or maybe on the walls or the stairs? You can put it anywhere you like!

If you decide upon a vinyl flooring you don’t need to use dilatation between rooms. You can have a smooth and even surface in your entire house (with HD Mineral Core even up to 200 m2). A good vinyl flooring gives you many advantages: it’s very resistant (both for scratches and impacts) and finally – it is the perfect flooring for underfloor heating. And of course – vinyl panels, besides all those technical advantages, give you the feel of natural, homey wooden boards.


Vinyl flooring makes a worthy competitor for bathroom floor tiles.

When we think about putting a floor in a bathroom usually the first thing coming to our minds is a floor tile. Why? We think that gres tiles are the best material for this kind of space. But a good specialist – while putting tiles on the floor – should still put a layer of so called “liquid foil” beneath them. We always connect the tiles by bevels and they are actually the weakest point of this kind of flooring. In time, they can crack and wash out which can lead to leaks and damages of the flooring. In this case the only thing you can do is to hack them off. Tiles are made of a rather solid material, but they are easily damaged if a heavy object falls upon them from a height. Sounds familiar?

A third problem is one very well known to parents of young kids. It’s very easy to slip on them, especially when wet.

So is the vinyl flooring an alternative for bathroom tiles?


You will love vinyl flooring in your bathroom.

A good vinyl flooring with HD Mineral Core will be perfect for your bathroom.

Of course we need to remember that, like with floor tiles – it’s really important to secure the floor from water and humidity. It applies to all material we want to use in a humid and potentially-flooded space. If you want to put vinyl panels on the floor and walls you will need to use liquid foil for both of those surfaces. Vinyl panels will not be suitable as a part of a shower tray – in this case it’s best to use ceramic tiles. It’s because a “walk-in” shower tray needs a shower drain which could not be sufficiently secured upon vinyl panels. So – maybe now you are wondering if vinyl panels are sufficiently waterproof?

They are no less waterproof than ceramic tiles. You can use them in commercial areas or private pools. This flooring, thanks to the advanced technology, absolutely does not fear water. You can use it on the floors, on the walls, but also in bathroom with underfloor heating.

And what’s important from the user’s point of view: a vinyl floor doesn’t need to be impregnated, the only thing that you need to do is to wash it!


Bathroom with a underfloor heating – which panels to choose?

Who doesn’t like to step out of a bath or shower and stand on a warm, pleasing floor? Now, it’s possible not only on a boring gres tiles, but also on modern vinyl flooring. On the market you can already find a vinyl flooring with mineral core which will do just perfectly with underfloor heating. It has a low thermal resistance and thank to its structure it imitates natural wood perfectly. If you dream about a bathroom with a wooden floor, but you were scared about the lack of waterproofness… Finally you have an alternative! And it doesn’t mean a tile with a mediocre drawing of a wood structure. Vinyl panels, dedicated for underfloor heating give you an amazing visual effects and the highest performance.


Bathroom vinyl floor 1The advantages of vinyl flooring in your bathroom.  

Waterproofness and low thermal resistance mark just the beginning of advantages of a vinyl flooring in your bathroom. Also, you get a high scratch and abrasion resistance. A bathroom is a demanding space when the flooring is concerned. We spend a lot of time there – often we put a washing machine in the bathroom which can damage the floor because of its weight. The resistance of vinyl panels for this kind of damages is marked by, so called, the performance class. It’s a class that speaks more about the qualities of the floor than the abrasion criteria (AC 3, AC4 etc) used in laminate panels. Choosing the vinyl flooring for bathrooms we should look for vinyl panels marked as 23 or 32/33. This kind of panel will be very scratch-resistant and suitable for very well-used space. And a bathroom – of course – is just that.

If you fear about scratching the vinyl panels choose those who have, besides the lacquer layer, an additional wear layer. The perfect solution would be the Titanium Nano Layer panel – with a patented solution diminishing the susceptibility to scratches even by 30%.

Finally, let’s not forget the structure of vinyl panels which gives us comfort and stability – a very important aspects in a case of a vinyl flooring in bathrooms. They are not slippery, so very safe for you and your kids.


A floor in your bathroom which will add some fashion to your house.

Vinyl flooring is a trend which will dominate the next years of interior designs. There is no material more versatile which can replace a common floor tile. Oher big advantages? You can put a vinyl flooring by yourself, without the need of a specialist.


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