Titanium Nano Layer – technology in the service of a beautiful floor

One of the biggest challenges in floor’s maintenance is to keep it in the best of shape for as long as possible. The floor is the most heavily used element of our home interior. Everyday it’s exposed to constant heavy loads. The floor is mostly susceptible to damages born from scratches. When we enter our homes we carry in sand or dirt on our shoes. With time it can seriously damage our floor. To increase the durability against those kind of damages an additional protected layer was used. The same kind of layer which has been used with success in the automotive industry. Titanium Nano Layer is an additional layer of lacquer, which increases the scratch resistance of panels even up to 30% in comparison to a standard floor.

Scratch test machineNanotechnology and a beautiful floor

Nanotechnology has its beginnings in the 1950s. When it was firstly introduced no one suspected that it would become so popular in nearly every industrial area. From engines, textile protection, sport gear to paints and lacquers. During the last decade it was intensively incorporated in aviation and space industry as well as in the automotive production. Different types of protective coatings were developed for protection from external factors. The lacquers resistant to scratches, hydrophobic layers or even anti-fouling coating are used in the shipbuilding industry. Nanotechnology entered almost every niche in our lives. The flooring industry did not only watched it develop but used it for its own advantage.

Nanostructure of Titanium Nano LayerA small particle penetrates deeper

To understand how nanotechnology is affecting our everyday lives, we should start with explaining what actually a nanoparticle is. This very small structure of atoms is created with very high temperature and pressure. 1 nanometer is 10-9m, so one ten-billionth part of a meter. Thanks to a size this small the particle can reach into a very deep structure of a material and fill all the gaps. And so the factory coating of Arbiton Titanium Nano Layer panels creates a compact and homogeneous structure that prevents vinyl scratches. These properties make nanocoated vinyl click panels extremely scratch-resistant. Different research show that it can be even up to 30% more resistant to this type of damage.

The floor is heavily exposed to mechanical damages. An additional protection of vinyl panels with Titanium Nano Layer secures them for long years. Extra thin but still extremely tight layer isolates the top layer from pollutions, enhances the panel’s scratch resistance and prevents dirt adhesion.

Unique Titanium Nano Layer is available in Arbiton Amaron and Liberal Collections. This additional ingredient doesn’t affect the look of the floor. It remains pleasant to touch, warm and deeply mat. They are as beautiful as wood and still as have scratch resistance similar to ceramic tiles.

Amaron Superiore GaillardeVinyl panels resistant to scratches and microdamages

There are not many people that have not seen the classic Apollo 13 scene where the spaceship enters the Earth’s atmosphere and withstands the enormous force of friction. It has been possible thanks to a specially developed nanocoating’s that are not damaged even in such hard conditions. Those technologies expanded with time to other industrial branches – the ones closer to Earth. This way nanotechnology found its place in the automotive industry.

For a few years now we can buy paints and lacquers with nanoparticles that can protect the vehicles from outside factors. Today, nanotechnology enters the flooring industry. In the case of Arbiton Amaron and Liberal collections, technology used for its protection makes them one of the most scratch resistant flooring product on the market. Sand, ground, dirt… they are no threat at all – those collections are 100% waterproof. Because of that you can install the floor in the kitchen, the dining room or even in the bathroom. Thanks to this technology you can have a unified floor up to 200 m2 – without the additional dilatation between rooms.

HD Mineral Core combined with Titanium Nano Layer gives Arbiton vinyl click floors a true warranty of beauty for long years to come.

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