A prestigious ecological award for the Polish brand

When we think about ecology, we rarely think of an association with a specific country. Meanwhile, Germany is one of the countries that takes ecology very seriously. At the end of the 1970s, our western neighbours developed the Blue Angel certificate, which is still one of the most important awards granted to products that meet…


Vinyl click floor that do not scratch

Vinyl click floors or LVT form an excellent product that is much more useful than those based on wood or laminates. How in this light looks floor with Titanium Nano Layer. Firstly we must remember that it is not an indestructible product. The most common complaint by vinyl users is that they are prone to…


New collection of vinyl floors from Afirmax

Bright oak shades leads a major trend for whole new collection of vinyl floors for spring 2020 in HD mineral core flooring. They would be perfect canvas for each style of interior so take a look at inspiration below. At the beginning of March Afirmax introduced new collection of HD mineral core floor with 10…