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Vinyl click floor that do not scratch

Vinyl click floors or LVT form an excellent product that is much more useful than those based on wood or laminates. How in this light looks floor with Titanium Nano Layer. Firstly we must remember that it is not an indestructible product. The most common complaint by vinyl users is that they are prone to…


New collection of vinyl floors from Afirmax

Bright oak shades leads a major trend for whole new collection of vinyl floors for spring 2020 in HD mineral core flooring. They would be perfect canvas for each style of interior so take a look at inspiration below. At the beginning of March Afirmax introduced new collection of HD mineral core floor with 10…


The EPLF and MMFA? Enigmatic abbreviations on packaging of floors and underlays

Manufacturers of both floors and underlays repeatedly boast of their membership in organisations whose names are enigmatic for customers, such as EPLF and MMFA. A colourful logo on packaging apparently means little. However, membership of these two associations should give the customer a clear message that the manufacturer continuously develops and improves its products in…


What to remember with underfloor heating

Which floor will be best with an underfloor heating system? We know a lot about this today. The European Producers of Laminate Flooring – EPLF – is constantly researching this problem and identifying the best solutions. The performance of floor heating systems will always increase if the heat resistance of the panel-floor system is at…