A prestigious ecological award for the Polish brand

When we think about ecology, we rarely think of an association with a specific country. Meanwhile, Germany is one of the countries that takes ecology very seriously. At the end of the 1970s, our western neighbours developed the Blue Angel certificate, which is still one of the most important awards granted to products that meet high environmental protection requirements. Over 40 years, this certificate has been awarded to 12,000 products from 1,600 companies. Recently, the symbol of a Blue Angel is present on vinyl flooring underlays produced by the Polish manufacturer – the Arbiton brand – Multiprotec Vinyl Click Antislip, Multiprotec Vinyl Click and Multiprotec Vinyl Click Hardlay. What does this mean in practice?

PUM Vinyl Blue Angel
Certified underlays for vinyl click planks from Arbiton Multiprotec range

Since 1978, Blue Angel has been a benchmark for environmentally friendly products and services, selected by an independent team of experts according to established and publicly available criteria. The principles and criteria for awarding this prestigious award focus primarily on the process of processing raw materials and manufacturing the final product in terms of minimizing its negative impact on the natural environment throughout the production process.

Our three underlays for vinyl panels from the Multiprotec group have received a certificate, which is not only the most important and the oldest for the world ecology. Its award criteria have even been used to create an ISO standard on which other global eco-labels are based. When qualifying products, the following factors are assessed: saving of raw materials, reduction of pollution, reduction of noise in the production process, elimination or reduction of the amount of waste and the possibility of their reuse. Multiprotec underlays are one of the few Polish products that have received this certificate. ” comments Artur Tomikowski, Marketing Director of the Arbiton brand. “It is important for us that our underlay for vinyl planks is safe for the user, and the production process does not significantly affect our environment. That is why we regularly introduce a number of innovations that make us more and more ecological. Blue Angel is a signal informing the consumer that our underlays are safer than other products of the same type. Products with the Blue Angel label are extremely low in emissions, ensuring a healthy indoor climate. ”adds Artur Tomikowski.


Blue Angel is an eco-label formally owned by the Federal Government of Germany. This certificate sets high standards in the design of environmentally friendly products and has proven itself over the last 40 years as a tool supporting the idea of ​​sustainable consumption. Today, the Blue Angel certification criteria have been developed for over 100 product and service categories. They include, among others, products of everyday use, furniture, wood, paper and plastic products. The logo refers to the logotype of the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP). The outer ring carries the words “BLUE ANGEL” and “GERMAN ECO LABEL”. Products marked with the Blue Angel symbol are more environmentally friendly and healthier than other products in the same category.

Blue Angel certificateAll three Arbiton floor underlays for vinyl planks that have received the Blue Angel certificate are polyurethane-mineral (PUM) underlays. They perfectly soundproof, increase the durability of the floor, protect the panel locks and are ideal for use with an underfloor heating system. These are technologically advanced products, prepared to protect the most expensive, most demanding vinyl click panels on the market. The best PUM underlays contain an integrated vapor barrier foil and adhesive tape, thanks to which they not only facilitate installation, but also provide 100% protection of the floor.

Digitization, globalization of markets and complex supply chains are challenges for modern ecology. The environmental label helps shape changes in the economy towards more sustainable development and promote innovative products that meet strict environmental standards.

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