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Bring boho vibe into your modern interior.

Create your own modern boho interior design with 5 simple rules:

  1. Plants – bring the ouside in by covering every surface with greenary.
  2. Ethnic patterns – more is certainly more – mix and match fabrics and textures.
  3. Vintage furnishing – add vintage furnishings and accessories.
  4. Wood – remember that ethnic textiles work beautifully with soft teak and warm wood colours
  5. Moroccan elements – bring in a few Moroccan elements in light fittings or baskets to incorporate the worldly look into the modern interior.

Find more inspirations – download catalog at https://arbiton.com/en/downloads/

Vinyl flooring from Arbiton, Aroq Wood Design Collection – Wiliamsburg Oak https://arbiton.com/en/vinyl-flooring/wiliamsburg-oak-2/

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