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Vinyl click floor that do not scratch

Vinyl click floors or LVT form an excellent product that is much more useful than those based on wood or laminates. How in this light looks floor with Titanium Nano Layer. Firstly we must remember that it is not an indestructible product. The most common complaint by vinyl users is that they are prone to…


Bathroom floor from vinyl? – trends for 2020

Are the vinyl panels adequate solution for floor in a bathroom? Wooden, warm feeling is a trend that stuck on a market for years now. As natural wood, even perfectly impregnated is no go for bathroom, designers search for new, technically advanced, solutions. Recently, ceramic tiles stylized with wooden structure was a popular solution. But…


Flooring trends – Minimalism

Designes changes, but we will help you stay connected. Minimalism means filling interior with air, the feeling of freedom and elegance. If flooring trends are appealing to you here are some advises how to achieve one of them. How to get started with fulfiling flooring trends? 5 simple steps to check the boxes of minimal…


Minimalist but cosy!

What do you need to create a scadinavian interior? Textures Contrasts Soft hues Modern furniture Hygge philosophy Find more inspirations – download catalog at https://arbiton.com/en/downloads/ Vinyl flooring from Arbiton, Amaron Collection – Panama Oak https://arbiton.com/en/vinyl-flooring/panama-oak/


Bring boho vibe into your modern interior.

Create your own modern boho interior design with 5 simple rules: Plants – bring the ouside in by covering every surface with greenary. Ethnic patterns – more is certainly more – mix and match fabrics and textures. Vintage furnishing – add vintage furnishings and accessories. Wood – remember that ethnic textiles work beautifully with soft…