Stairs profiles for vinyl click planks – use dedicated solutions

The idea of ​​a uniform floor throughout the house is easier to implement if we choose vinyl click planks. This material can be laid in the living room, bedrooms, and thanks to its water resistance, also in the kitchen or even the bathroom. The problem arises when we have a flat or a two-story house with different levels. How to match the stairs to the colours of panels so that they form a coherent space? Is there a solution that will be practical, aesthetic and relatively inexpensive? The solution is to use stairs profiles and cover the stairs with vinyl click panels and the use of stair slats.

This is where the stairs begin

A uniform floor throughout the house is now a strong trend dominating many interior design magazines. Vinyl panels are ideal for the implementation of such projects. They are very durable – so they will be suitable for heavily used rooms, such as a living room. They are natural looking and warm to the touch – so they are perfect for a children’s room or bedroom. Finally, they are completely waterproof. They can be easily installed in kitchens and even bathrooms where can be directly exposed to water. If we have vinyl click panels with a mineral core, no need to worry about expansion joints. Thats thanks to increased dimensional stability. The appropriate structure of the panels allows them to be laid on an area of ​​up to two hundred square meters without the need for such expansion joints. The stairs to climb start when we have a two-level apartment. Literally and figuratively.

Wooden steps and risers are a major cost for stairs, often exceeding 3000 EUR. The choice of wood for the stairs can bring even more costs due to the need for systematic maintenance of the steps. Wood can be easily scratched. It is soft, which shows flaws and damages. It requires sanding, oiling or varnishing. When we have a floating vinyl click flooring, there is a problem of how to build stairs not only to look beautiful, but also meet the same functional properties as the material from which the floor is made. Is it possible to have stairs that are waterproof, impact-resistant, yet beautiful and color-matched to the floor?

Recently it becomes easier.

There are simple to use dedicated stair profiles created with vinyl click flooring in mind, thanks to which the panels can be used on the steps and risers of the stairs. This solution is not only low-cost, but above all extremely useful and perfectly suited coherent interiors.

Some companies, such as the European brand Arbiton, offer stair profiles that allow you to easily create the perfect stairs from vinyl click panels (4-5 mm thick). Thanks to this solution, we obtain the same effect on the floor and on the stairs, which additionally enlarges the space.

This solution is also cheaper than traditional wooden, oak steps and risers. Stairs made of vinyl panels also have the advantage that they can be made by the same team that installs the floor. By following the instructions, the installation of the panels on the stairs will not take also so long as more traditional approach.

How much do stairs made of vinyl click flooring cost?

Stairs with Pro S profiles
ARBITON PRO S1 – inner profile

The costs are very easy to count. Vinyl stairs are much cheaper than their wooden counterpart. The final price is influenced by the number of square meters of vinyl panels that we need for the steps and risers of the stairs, the cost of the mounting glue and the stair slats. In total, the price of the stairs made in this way should be at least 50% lower than in the case of wooden stairs. It’s pure profit. Not only financial. It is worth taking into account that stairs made of vinyl do not need special care. They will not require oiling, sanding or other treatments. They will also be much more durable than wood and more resistant to scratches. Waterproof stairs will also work in case something spills onto them.

How to install vinyl click planks on stairs?

Installing vinyl planks on stairs is very simple. Any team that deals with the installation of floating laminate or vinyl click floors on a daily basis can handle it. Stairs are always installed from top to bottom. Use of installation glue is recommended to increase stability of this solution. There are two ways to mount panels on stairs. The first way is to mount the panel first on the step and then on the riser. In the second option, we install all the steps first, and then, after waiting 24 or 48 hours, the risers starting from the top.

Regardless of the chosen version, in the first step we cut the panels to the desired width and length and install the stair strips. Remember to properly prepare the steps of the stairs. The substrate must have adequate humidity, it must be leveled and free from dust and dirt. The full load of the stairs is possible already 72 hours after installation.

A few words about stair profiles

Stairs with Pro S profiles
Arbiton PRO S2 – outer profile

Arbiton offers two profiles that are ideal for installing 4-5 mm thick vinyl panels. It is an internal and external profile in brushed titanium or brushed silver – PRO S1 and PRO S2. These colors are neutral and will match perfectly with any shade of the panels. The task of the stair profiles is not only to mask any unevenness and connect the vinyl click floor at right angles. They also have an anti-slip function. Profiles protect the edges of the stairs against damage. They perfectly mask unevenness’s, which are very common especially in development investments.

Durable, waterproof stairs at a good price

If you want to get a perfect match of the stairs to the floor, choose combination of vinyl click planks with dedicated stairs profiles. You will not only achieve the so-called a perfect match in terms of color matching or texture of the material. Undoubtedly, the most important advantage is the fact that the floor and stairs will be made of a material. Having same technical properties. Vinyl panels are currently one of the most interesting interior finishing materials. The multitude of their applications, safety, extraordinary durability and water resistance are just some of their advantages. Stairs made of vinyl click floors are an interesting alternative to wooden stairs. They are better priced, more durable and finally much more useful. At the same time, they are beautiful and pleasant to the touch like a wood.

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