Floor accessories at its best -Multiprotec 1000.

This is why Multiprotec 1000 is the best among floor accessories you can get: From the underlay category of floor accessories Multiprotec 1000 is the best choice for underfloor heating – the lowest heat resistance allows maximum heat transfer. Also thanks to very high level of reflected walking sound reduction Multiprotec 1000 helps to reduce…


What to remember with underfloor heating

Which floor will be best with an underfloor heating system? We know a lot about this today. The European Producers of Laminate Flooring – EPLF – is constantly researching this problem and identifying the best solutions. The performance of floor heating systems will always increase if the heat resistance of the panel-floor system is at…


Should you use dedicated underlays for vinyl floors?

Laid as floating floors, vinyl floors must be set on underlays. The floor manufacturer’s instructions and recommendations should always be followed. The validity of the guarantee, which may extend over 25 years for vinyl floors, depends on compliance with such instructions. FOR LVT. Which underlay is best? As more vinyl flooring appears on the market,…