Flooring trends that will define 2021

COVID 19 pandemic has changed our life on so many levels- privately in our homes but also in working space. We all had to face challenging working conditions and we had to adapt to remote work. Today our homes have to not only be a soothing place but also function as an office, school or

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Underfloor heating

5 misconceptions regarding underfloor heating

Underfloor heating is a trendy solution for newly build houses. It is also substantial expense and technological challenge. If you plan to invest in this kind of heating system, make sure to choose the most effective on the table. How to do that? The key point is right selection of materials, which perfectly harmonize with

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Dryback Pasadena

How can we use vinyl panels creatively?

We mostly find vinyl panelling to be an interesting alternative to wooden floors or laminates. Contrary to the other two products, vinyls are waterproof and they are much more durable. They are also perfect if we have underfloor heating in our home, especially if we are considering the so-called dryback vinyls. Yet vinyl panels are

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Titanium Nano Layer

Vinyl click floor that do not scratch

Vinyl click floors or LVT form an excellent product that is much more useful than those based on wood or laminates. How in this light looks floor with Titanium Nano Layer. Firstly we must remember that it is not an indestructible product. The most common complaint by vinyl users is that they are prone to

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